macrubyist (macrubyist) wrote in ruby_lang,

Can anyone reassure me Ruby is OK as a first language?

I've been learning Applescript for about a year. and fear it's teaching me bad habits, especially as I'm learning on my own.

I want to (very cautiously) approach Ruby for learning non-Mac-specific stuff (particularly strings/regexes/unixy/xml stuff) and general program design.

Was also attracted by the fact that there seems to be a big, friendly user community -- and although Applescript has a friendly user community it's *very* Mac-specific, and I'm at the stage where I want to take a step back and learn from the ground up.

I'm now getting worried that I can't find anyone to talk to who's using the same Ruby-as-a-First-Language (considering Applescript as 0.5) approach -- because everybody I've seen on the internet so far who does Ruby seems to be much more intelligent than I am and comes at it from the perspective of being a developer rather than a hobbyist.

If there are any other hobbyist types out there, please friend me at my personal blog (which is a new one devoted to the experience of Being About To Learn Ruby, so far).
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